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Culpeer Target Groups

The project is addressed to:
- Educators
- Adult educators staff
- Marginalised young people

Culpeer Outputs


Guidelines and didactic concept

A set of guidelines with an overview of the digital concepts and online formats for cultural peer-learning activities.


Digital Methods

A set of Digital Methods based on our previous experiences in using cultural peer-learning approaches.


E-Learning course on digital culture and peer learning approaches

An online course focusing on special issues of the cultural peer-learning approach


Film Center

A database of best practices in each partner country.

The Culpeer project is funded, by the European Commission through the German National Agency for the Erasmus+ Programme

Culpeer Digital Partnership


Italian Multiplier Event

Date: 15-12-2023
Location: MIlan, Italy

The event took place in Milan on 15 December 2023. It witnessed a diverse gathering of NGOs and artistic organisation from the city of Milan.

The event started with a welcoming from the preseident of the host organisation, AIDD, who summarise the agenda.
Then Andrea Anzanello, from Pixel, presented the Culpeer Digital project, its orginal idea, the project partners, the aims and all the results reached in the two years of project. The Guidelines, the digital methods, the online course and the videos were shown through the website of the project.
Finally, some space for questions from participants were asked, bringing to a discussion about the culpeer methdology in arts and music.

The event went on with a concert played by the artistic organisations present.

Polish Multiplier Event

Date: 10-12-2023
Location: Wroclaw, Poland

On Sunday, 10th of December in Wrocław the Friendship Art Education Foundation hosted the multiply event about Culpeer Digital project and our methods of cultural peer learning education. We gathered 20 educators, artistic instructors, NGOs activists and teachers to share online formats and digital concepts for cultural peer-learning approaches in Global Education and Intercultural Learning for awareness-raising on global issues, social integration and cultural participation.
The information meeting was held parallel to the Lelenfant Open Day, so the invited adults could spend the day together with their families and children, for whom there were various attractions - concerts, workshops, culinary events.

Final Partners Meeting in Athens

Date: 06-12-2023
Location: Athens, Greece

The partners of the Culpeer Digital project met in Athens on 5 - 6 December 2023 for the final meeting.
Partners had the chance to review all the results uploaded on the project portal and finalise all the activities before the end of the project.