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Interactive Cultural Online Games

All of the following online games are connected to the cultural context. Some can be played with multiple participants. In these games you can learn more about the global dance styles, art, locations of countries, languages, musical instruments, mythical creatures and more. Most games are only available in English language.

5 games presented on Educators Technology

What came first?

An interactive game where learners pick which comes first. The faster learners answer, the more points they get. They are provided with two visual prompts and are asked to click on the one that is chronologically older.

Cultural Crosswords

A game which helps learners develop their cultural literacy through word puzzles. Crosswords are arranged into four main categories: Arts, Around the World, Science and Technology, Fashion, and Nature. Students can choose to play crosswords in each of these categories or play those featured in the weekly crosswords section.

Puzzle Party

Learners work in pairs or individually to solve artistic jigsaw puzzles. There are hundreds of artworks students can play. The process is simple and easy: First learners select the artwork they want to play.

Visual Crosswords

This game enables participants to learn more about arts and culture through unexpected pairings. For instance, to learn more about Art Movements, learners are provided with two columns and are asked to drag artworks to boxes anywhere they match the labels. If they are not familiar with a particular artwork they can click on Learn More to read about it on Google Arts and Culture.

Art Coloring Book

A game that lets learners color their way ‘through the palettes of famous paintings’. To start playing it, they need to choose an artwork then use the provided tools to colour and customize it the way they want. Once completed, they can download their artwork or share it with others on social media or through a generated link. There is also the option to print out coloring books so learners can work on them offline.

5 Games taken from From Many Lands

Further Games